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These Dramatic Lashes are perfect if you want to create cat glam look on your beautiful eyes. 

 No one will handle your hotness!  

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Product description

These dramatic Lashes are perfect if you want to create cat glam look on your beautiful eyes.

No one will handle your hotness!


  • Premium 3D Mink Lashes
  • Unique and Handmade
  • High quality Lashes
  • Easy to apply
  • Fluffy, Soft and Lightweight Lashes
  • Comfortable to wear day & night
  • Reusable up to 20+ times with proper care


Before you put your new Beatriz Lashes on your eye, it is important to adjust them individually for you. To do this, use the eyelash applicator to remove an eyelashes from the pack. Now you check whether the length of the lash line corresponds to the length of your natural lash curve. Don't forget to cut off the clear band at the inner corner, so the lashes won't irritate your eyes.  If the wreath is too long, you can shorten the inner or outer ends with nail clippers accordingly.

  1. Apply a thin layer of Eyelash Glue to the lash band and wait a few seconds.
  2. Put lashes on the eye using the applicator. Look down or directly at a mirror and put the eyelashes directly on your lash line. When you have found the perfect position, apply pressure gently along the lash to ensure it's firmly in place

Before you put lashes back in the box, it is better to clean them. When you deside to remove lashes, clean them and safe them in our Luxury box until you want to shine again. Proper care and storage can extend their lifespan and keep the eyelashes looking good.